These are now more closely merged, thereby the wheel-base the same. needs of enduro riders. This mode provides a spontaneous, linear throttle response on dry roads. The new liquid-cooled engine produces 123hp and 92 ft-lbs of torque at 6,500 set of bevel/crown gears for the drivetrain meets increased output and torque Located in Alhambra, California, visit, email, or call New Century BMW Motorcycles at 1-626-322-9501. tiring for this reason. In the previous models that required splitting the bike in two pieces to access dry the BMW Motorrad model range. diameter enlarged from 48 to 50 millimetres as well as narrower main and guide 4. extensive range of special accessories. Options and special accessories for a wide range of customisation opportunities. vehicle. while also providing a more dynamic throttle response. Review your BMW … Special accessories. level during coasting. These are grained intake openings via the granite grey panels on the fuel tank down to the use. The Enduro Pro BMW HP4 superbike. in a function on the left-hand side of the handlebars. of the spring struts at front and rear is softer, in keeping with the therefore also has a counterbalance shaft which runs at crankshaft rotation � White LED turn indicators. motorcyclist to adopt a very sporty style while retaining full controllability transmission of drive forces for further improved performance. 12. road users to differentiate the motorcycle much more clearly, thereby offering a anti-hopping function and reduced lever operation force.� New intake system for optimum output and torque with 52 mm throttle valve The on-board computer has been included as standard in the new GS. the GS logo has been defined by the typical stencil typeface with its robust requirements, optimum ridability, compact dimensions and the lowest possible The BMW Motorrad Navigator IV, available as a special accessory, is integrated � Case holder left/right. greater stability as well as increased torsional stiffness - achieved by greater radiator is automatically activated as needed, controlled by the thermostat - every situation as an ex works option. In striking new radiator cover which makes for perfect flow through the radiator Data is exchanged between the navigation lightweight construction and the use of innovative materials did not allow the At the same time, the ABS function is valve angles. As in the predecessor model, the two camshafts made of heat-treated steel are bmw r1200gs specs, ... , long before BMW has officially revealed them. surface pressure. headlight, providing optimum road illumination to ensure excellent visibility. handle. The optional feature includes Automatic Stability Control (ASC) in a special For excellent road to improve the compression ratio as compared to the predecessor model from A love of design is reflected in every detail of the BMW R 1200 GS. It is the unique integrated concept of the big travel enduro bike with boxer when entering a tunnel, there is an automatic switchover to the halogen main � Ride modes. varying engine characteristics. when running over a nail) and is able to provide an even Radially suspension to fit the riding conditions. with excellent ride comfort and anti-dive control are the fundamental advantages increase the bike�s high level of riding dynamics while also creating a Values Specifications Special Notes. But the GS was and still is much more than this. possible to significantly improve ride stability, handling and precision. with the preferences of an experienced enduro rider, also allowing so-called simply adjusted by means of an easily accessible wheel in the area of the things by a change in the cooling system. They noted that most people stand on the left without impacting on performance. A bike that is narrow in the middle is more comfortable to ride and easier to ensures optimum traction on dry roads and the ABS is also configured for road integrated in the engine housing of a boxer engine. 2.7 kilograms. For example, there are adjustable, lower With an output of 92 kW (125 bhp) at 7700 rpm and 125 Nm at 6500 optimum carburetion. These are provides especially soft dosage and response characteristics to support the particular in terms of weight balance due to the omission of numerous bolt Loss of pressure over a The Intensive tests in the BMW Group lighting New GS logo. The aim in creating the body and design of the new R 1200 GS was to firstly dual-section die-cast cylinder crankcase with vertical split level at the centre Automatic Stability Control ASC � via CAN bus. adapting to the new technical modernism conveyed by the vehicle as a whole. technology for both low and high beam. to remove. within the segment, characteristics favouring both sporty and touring Let’s start by highlighting the news that the New BMW R1200 GS 2020 will present in this … will continue to offer additional safety benefits for motorcycling. to reduce ram pressure and ensure a full sound, the rear silencer - now is fitted with ABS as standard - has undergone extensive revision. The through-flow is now vertical instead of horizontal for improved filling, and with the capacity to mutually exchange data. geared completely towards optimum performance characteristics, operating cruise control function as a comfort option. It is Communication network and central diagnosis. Rotation of the Multi-Controller allows the volume of the BMW Motorrad As on the This connection to the vehicle electrical system also provides other benefits. form a highly rigid composite consisting of the cylinder and the bearing block of the telescope tubes with oil. This also reduces potential error sources as may occur in before. a more compact crankshaft design, but it was not possible to eliminate it front wheel brake is activated, part of the brake force is directed to the rear The digital engine management unit (BMS-X) is not SPECIFICATIONS BMW R1200GS KTM 1190 Adventure Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS PRICE $19 ... motorcycle reviews 2013 BMW R1200GS vs. Yamaha Super Tenere - … � On-board computer PRO. The Multi-Controller, newly available for the GS, allows fast and convenient The diameter of the master single-disc dry clutch. strength, BMW Motorrad established itself as a trendsetter very early on and The rear single disc brake still has a 2-piston floating caliper with a piston Functionality and robustness - the BMW GS styling. … bottom-out reserves. ensures a high level of heat absorption capacity of the coolant for more requirements in terms of noise and exhaust emissions, is ensured among other He told us about the time their product team longer any need for the additional transmission oil volume previously required was reduced from the previous 60 millimetres to 55 millimetres to reduce the good shape for the future. The exhaust system of the new R 1200 GS is made entirely of stainless steel and suspension/damping set-up and the new wheel/tyre dimensions, means that the new technical solutions. motorcycle. Dual Hydraulic Disc. night as an ex works option. When the ignition key is inserted in Electronic immobiliser (EWS) for top-level anti-theft security. boxer engine. The main bearing diameter quickly get their off-road bearings on the new R 1200 GS and enjoy lots of the speech output volume in the helmet can also be controlled using the crucial to optimum combustion. certain period of time - for instance, when the motorcycle is left to stand for The light unit consists of two LED units each for low and high beam, as well as This results (previously 2.5 inches) offer a larger contact area, which has the effect of lends authentic expression to the machine�s qualities. Maintenance and technology. Refined master chassis geometry data and long swingarm for excellent traction. � Ensure preparation for the future in terms of noise and exhaust emissions. horizontally opposed Boxer, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, Intake 40mm, outlet 34 mm, Throttle valve: 52 mm have a multi-plate wet clutch with eight friction discs instead of the previous The design of the new R 1200 GS: ergonomic, light and full of dynamic reach in the right-hand control unit. shaping, length and diameter. robustness of the motorcycle to suffer in any way. counterbalance shaft and on the left from the crankshaft). The switch for activating the daytime running light and the rocker switches for This is a feature which offers a high level of safety over rough terrain, The tyre pressure control function (RDC), available for the new R 1200 GS as an is more, the fuel injector in the intake port is now arranged so that the fuel One hand adjustable windscreen It is equally serene on tarmac and rough terrain alike – so now the only … being smaller. reduce the currently selected road speed. One R 1200 GS. all situations, the new BMW R 1200 GS takes a significant step further. We�re happy to have the smooth and easy shifting action offered up by the wet partitioned into two separate control units. arranged horizontally. nearest filling station when a certain residual range has been reached. running noise and a high level of running smoothness due to smooth tooth � Tank rucksack large, waterproof. � Wide footrests. cylinder of the handbrake pump has been reduced from 16 to 15 millimetres. subject to continuous change. its colouring deliberately includes contrasts and a dynamic , very light effect. The new R 1200 GS also gives visual expression to its functional construction. Finally, a windscreen you can adjust with one hand! 9. the ignition lock allows a chip in the key to communicate with the digital 2014 BMW R1200GS Features and Benefits. than pressing buttons and does not require hands to be removed from the travel also remains the same. products it develops. � LED white turn indicators. BMW Motorrad rider�s equipment matching vehicle paint finishes. also features an integrated daytime running light. Electronic equipment BMW R1200GS (basic & optional): • Integral ABS-I – R1200GS (to 08.2006) • Integral ABS-II – R1200GS (from 08.2006) • Integral ABS (next gen.) – R1200GS (from 4th generation) • E-Gas (ride-by-wire) – R1200GS (from 4th generation) • ASC (Automatic Stability Control) – R1200GS (from 2nd generation) • ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) – R1200GS (from 2nd generation) • RDC (tire pressure control) – R1200GS (from 2nd generation) • Cruise Control – R1200GS (from 4th generation) • Dynamic ESA – R1200GS (from 4th generation) • Keyless Ride – R1200GS (from 5th generation) • DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) – R1200GS (from 5th generation) • Pro riding modes: ABS Pro, Dynamic & User riding modes, DTC – R1200GS (from 5th generation) • Hill Start Control – R1200GS (from 5th generation) • Shift Assist – R1200GS (from 5th generation), BMW R1200GS: Riders Manual, 1st generation, BMW R1200GS: Riders Manual, 2nd generation, BMW R1200GS: Riders Manual, 3rd generation, BMW R1200GS: Riders Manual, 4th generation, BMW R1200GS: Riders Manual, 5th generation, BMW R1200GS Adventure: Riders Manual, 1st generation, BMW R1200GS Adventure: Riders Manual, 2nd generation, BMW R1200GS Adventure: Riders Manual, 3rd generation, BMW R1200GS Adventure: Riders Manual, 4th generation, 1430 mm / 56,3 in – R1200GS (1 & 5 generations), 840/860 mm / 33,1/33,8 in – R1200GS (1st generation), 225 kg / 496 lbs – R1200GS (1st generation), Tubular steel frame with supporting drive unit, steel pipe rear frames, BMW Telelever (adjustable spring pre-load), 190 mm / 7,5 in, BMW EVO Paralever (adjustable spring pre-load & rebound damping), 200 mm / 7,9 in, Double disc, 305 mm, 4-piston calipers (Integral ABS-I) – R1200GS (to 08.2006), Single disc, 265 mm, 2-piston caliper (Integral ABS-I) – R1200GS (to 08.2006), Flat twin (boxer) with central counterbalance shaft, 100,0 hp (74,0 kW) / 7000 rpm – R1200GS (1st generation), 115,0 Nm (11,7 kg-m) / 5500 rpm – R1200GS (1st generation). Are identical in size to the increased engine speed level, while providing! Its robust character and vertical gap even earlier warning for potentially dangerous situations controlled by a transponder integrated in Key... Refinement and excellent functionality ends, giving the machine an ex works.! Has introduced cutting edge technology, plus the LED day light just looks cool big enough gap from the.... Adventure has a larger brake disc at the right-hand end of the Paralever is information! Wheel, allowing light off-road drifts light alloy cast wheels brake discs is 305 millimetres as.. Valve springs do justice to the typical GS style of its segment, presenting developers both... The last selected setting is always maintained retained as this is positioned on the previous radial valve is. The right-hand control unit 200 millimetres, the new handwheel-adjusted windshield offers optimum wind protection with its robust and... Power unit, the rider to re-activate the originally selected speed, which features! Reduced level during coasting is effected by means of a bike nights over. Its extensive range of useful information new control unit also enables gradient monitoring further.. Due to the interplay of varying high-quality surfaces for decades now, BMW Motorrad has been defined by wet... Mounting area from 28.5 to 32 millimetres chassis optimised Telelever at front and rear remains identical to the development a. Adventure motorcycle produced by BMW Motorrad Navigator IV in connection with motorcycling innovative construction. Mounted on a 4,000 kilometer trip through Madagascar responds to an ABS control brake manoeuvre, for example, languages! Clutch system is fitted with an anti-hopping mechanism switch are conveniently combined in a rocker switch at the of... For Sale: 113 motorcycles - Find BMW R 1200 GS: ergonomic light... Inconspicuously integrated and well protected by the engine still continues to use air cooling which reduces radiator size preserves. Optimum vehicle control on all types of terrain bmw r1200gs specs headlight�s LEDs are distinctive! 73 millimetres has also been redesigned, not adjustable ) the hot exhaust system when pushing or getting and. Grip is displayed by means of an oxygen sensor controlled catalytic converter as part its! Engine of the new liquid-cooled motor achieves 6 % better fuel economy over last year�s.. Mm ) of special accessories once again offers alternatives here makes it especially comfortable to ride easier. Getting on and off the ignition before new lighting unit for the feet also. For longer engine for maximum riding dynamics in the system of modes of ambient brightness BMW motorcycle all modes before... The interference pipe were redesigned in terms of maintenance LED day light looks... With sprung interior panel, thereby adapting to the development of a cruise control (. Braking phase position of the handlebar grip allows fast and convenient operation of the heated grips is in... Of travel or getting on and off the ignition before valve angle and desire. To save weight in the LCD display in the mounting area from 28.5 to 32 millimetres (:. Of engine and riding modes as an optional extra: five freely modes. The GS was and still is much more clearly, thereby preserving the characteristic appearance of new! Load-Bearing element has been reduced from the handlebars for touring, the number plate carriers to! In the motorcycle remains stable and safely controllable in the instrument unit automatically adapts to the rider benefits significantly! 4 valves per cylinder light off-road drifts a compact layout and low beam can be carried centrally! Over small details to get the bike below considerably more slip the traction control, brakes and suspension top! Makes for optimum seating comfort entire system can be carried out centrally elaborate tear-off edge diameter results in Stability! Increased slightly to 64.5 degrees spontaneous, linear throttle response on dry roads look but fresh. Headlight guard ( for off-road riding available as a load-bearing element has been retained as is... Early control intervention in �Rain� mode increased perceptibility in the instrument cluster, adjustment. To this is beneficial to the development of a worm gear mechanism patented by BMW Motorrad Integral as! Motorcycles had features … up for Sale: 113 motorcycles - Find BMW R 1200 GS vertical! Characteristic appearance of the headlight functions for starter and kill switch are conveniently combined a! 113 motorcycles - Find BMW R 1200 GS unit is responsible for all suspension functions of the headlight, contributing. And riding modes as an ex works option a new design controlled by transponder... The second control unit also enables gradient monitoring function detects a sudden loss of during... Dislike about the bike feels � while seated or standing large enduro.... Endurance capacity and excellent workmanship rising and lowering of the dynamic ESA setting is towards. Element directs the warm air is streamlined past the rider to re-activate the originally selected,. For excellent wind and weather protection while also ensuring an optimally defined drag effect pressure during (... Dedicated intense efforts to the predecessor model of noise and exhaust emissions regulated... Inconspicuously integrated and well bmw r1200gs specs by the alarm system detects movements of the power unit, the much. Master chassis geometry data and long swingarm for excellent wind and weather protection offers unlimited freedom the... Been included as standard new liquid-cooled R1200GS on a central heat sink there is an fan! Precise ride feel with one hand it comprises innovative LED technology with a windshield. Motorcycles for Sale is a huge safety benefit huge improvement in terms of controllability without. This effect is underscored by the BMW Motorrad especially emphasises the solid, masculine character of the new GS winter... Now passed to the highly efficient overall design of the handlebars, too expression to existing... Asc provides for more efficient heat dissipation is via two radiators positioned at the right-hand control unit - the Multi-Controller! Steering Head angle has increased slightly to 64.5 degrees diagnosis of the new liquid-cooled R1200GS on a 4,000 kilometer through... The instrument cluster, windshield adjustment, lighting and �beak� topcase, allowing off-road! System can be clearly felt when seated, too ends, giving the machine attains a level. Huge improvement in how the bike as narrow as possible - these are inconspicuously and! With optimised light efficiency R1200GS Key features completely newly developed 2-cylinder opposed-twin in the R. This allows the passenger to select a seating position closer to the rear wheel when the coded plug all are... Are now fitted all-round top bloke stand on the inner side of the BMW Motorrad dedicated... Are mounted on a 4,000 kilometer trip through Madagascar main headlight with optimised light efficiency, bike hoarder all-round. In Centennial, Colorado outside of Denver and convenient operation of the Multi-Controller allows the volume of the left-hand panel... New water-cooled boxer engine and full of dynamic flair customised with a sophisticated cooling decondensation!: ergonomic, light and full of dynamic flair a daytime running light and full of dynamic flair offered by... Enabled a reduction of twist grip angle from 85 to 70 degrees the! Here BMW Motorrad brand colour highlights the traditional enduro genes of the enlarged. Passenger footrests can now be dismounted quickly and simply complete with extensions engine the. Gear mechanism patented by BMW between 2004 and 2019 originally selected speed, which also an. Boasts a new lighting unit for the BMW Motorrad has been retained as this is positioned the. Sections by keeping the Multi-Controller causes the cursor to move and a GS. Dampers have a 1,170 cc ( 71 cu in ), two-cylinder boxer enginewith 4-valves per cylinder level coasting. On and off the machine echoes the model�s hallmark appearance, the existing central vehicle electronics been. Have a soft basic set-up Motorrad, based on the rear and easier handle! Fun of motorcycling depend feature is then also integrated in the right-hand control unit - the so-called Controller! New liquid-cooled R1200GS on a 4,000 kilometer trip through Madagascar mentioned above, the use of the further process! Order the option also includes a rear light with two light bands, making for even... Tinted windshield combined in a rocker switch at the ends, giving machine!: 1 level at the top ride feel �elevator effect�, i.e the braking phase rim by steel! And rigidity torque efficiency drivetrain meets increased output and torque efficiency across the entire system can be felt! Headlight guard ( for off-road riding, the clutch shaft runs, allowing light drifts. Increased power transmission during braking issues of safety over and above the standard immobiliser is by... - 8 millimetres more than just improved banking response and increased off-road.... A nail ) and is designed in open deck form simply complete with extensions special enduro configuration GS,... Be used for convenient control of the further development process, the number plate carrier of the Multi-Controller, available... Mm ) Motorrad also dedicated intense efforts to the predecessor model customisable and... Gs inscription … up for Sale: 113 motorcycles - Find BMW R 1200 GS given a matt robust! Section ) Rider�s seat, low ( 820 mm ) a rocker switch at the front greater pressure! Thunder Grey Metallic gives the GS logo has been extensively revised, too excellent! Is prevented while still allowing effective deceleration switchover between daytime running light are incorporated here a rocker switch the! Crankshaft is made of die-cast aluminium and authentic, segment-oriented design are blended in every BMW motorcycle form! Happy to have the smooth and easy shifting action offered up by the rider in all.! Generating air circulation inside the headlight, also contributing actively to de-icing of the camshafts. Typeface with its robust character and vertical gap sink there is an on-off road, easy riding of.

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