This year everything is different. There is more inventory now, so it’s worth looking and trying to get a bargain on some stale properties. I absolutely hate when people say “it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to stay in the house long-term “. 1 of 37. Think about it. Places that are non-habitable, need total gutting, seasonal properties etc are on the market for a lot. Everything is driven by the job market. The reasons are clear: massive unemployment, shutdown economies, COVID-19, many jobs not coming back after the economy opens, and rising delinquencies. These days you don’t want to be on an ocean unless you plan to eat a tsunami. If you think that democrat socialism is good for something, check middle class and poor people’s housing in China, Ukraine… and California. Below shows a massive rebound in mortgage-purchase applications in May 2020. Let’s look at some of the key issues affecting the industry, how major players are likely to respond, and what to expect in the coming months and years. Releasing few at a time at making new home buyers to race and increasing base price of house for every 2hoises are sold. TWO WEEKS. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. when compared to October 2019. Rrentals for 2 bed rooms run in the 1200-1500 month range, the reason I thought it would be a good idea to buy a condo. I understand that millennials are coming of buying age and inventory is on the decline, making competition for buying a home fierce. Based on where we are with the markets today and especially the uncertainty out there (trade discussions, 2020 elections, etc.) Sound Off: What are your predictions for the Bay Area's real estate market in 2020? And even that would be risky. Real Estate Listings Way Up in 2020. Any attempt people find to live affordable such as tiny homes or rvs is treated with contempt… and discouraged. So they had to bail out these people. Although inventory is still historically low, it’s important to realize the inflection point we’ve experienced in mid-2018. Since I will be paying cash for everything I don’t have to worry about a substantial amount of risk factors that financing investors have to deal with. Dec. 30, 2019 Updated: Dec. 30, 2019 10:26 a.m. ... but the Bay Area real estate market changed in 2019. I just cannot justify buying a home I feel is worth $200k at that much of a markup. It was activist social engineering brought us started by Jimmy Carter, acted upon and enlarged by Bill Clinton, and then really amplified by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. There is a lot of speculation as to whether the housing market will crash. I also think same prices might not drop . Thats the problem with everyone today, buying things and never taking into consideration that things can and will change. I don’t know whether it’s legal to increase the prices in just few weeks. We are starting to think about having another kid but absolutely know we cannot have another and live in the city. Cities are becoming more and more desirable, with amenities, public transportation and JOBS and therefore there will always be a demand and so your investment is safe even if a recession occurs as long as the economy doesn’t completely collapse. See: How The Tech IPO Boom Could Cause SF Prices To Fall Further. Your email address will not be published. So, renting proved to be a risky proposition that didn’t pay off. Then by 2H2019, the housing market strengthened due to low rates and a strong stock market. It would help if the people from the west coast a d Yankees from up north would stay the hell out of Texas. Yesterday, Pacific Union held its fourth annual Real Estate and Economic Forecast in partnership with John Burns Real Estate Consulting to project Bay Area activity through 2020. Thus, our options are either move to a place outside of the city and find cheaper rent/childcare (or a cheaper neighborhood in SF, sure, but the childcare is prohibitively costly) OR buy a place. Thoughts and advices are much appreciated, Your email address will not be published. People really.not gonna give a crap about the housing market..people are tryin to get to the to get food and supplies without getting spit or coughed on…at some point none of the greed will won’t even matter…people just trying to live another day.. The average increase in price will stabilize but won’t drop prices much. They couldn’t do anything. Apocalypse SF Bay Area real estate market in 2020? OK. I’m actually watching markets, not imagining the future, and all western markets are definitely down in a way that is new from the skyward march they were doing from 2012 on to last year, which was literally insane. I definitely plan to buy another house in cash as well. 2020 May be quite exciting. 14 to 18 months from now we will see blood bath, it will be slower and depressing housing market. Herman Chan, Sotheby's real estate agent working in the East Bay: " Bay Area real estate in 2020 will not face a crash. People dont believe the housing’ market will crash. So these greedy banks who were forced to make these loans to people that they knew were never gonna pay ’em back, had to come up with ways to turn something worthless into value. We are now in the bubble expansion phase. Same exact floorplan and builder as the townhouse where I currently live and rent, just in the next town over. Larry Rosen; Mar. Hi, new to the blog here, but great information. Pacific Union’s Real Estate and Economic Forecast to 2020. Both books are available on Amazon. I cant wait cause I’m buying a house at a nice price because of all the idiots in society who live above there means! No two people can ever be equal if there is indeed genuine free will and freedom. The pandemic has reminded us that tomorrow is not guaranteed. It’s time to start worrying about the housing market again because it is completely overheated, with YoY median U.S. home price growth around 12% in 2020. Another words what to expect if the future recession starts next year and lasts 1.5 to 2 years? The crash has not happened yet, because it has not been triggered. The golden era of milking cow on houses selling business has long gone. Joe, You are a genius. You think after a 10 year bull market, 2019 is like the BOTTOM of the previous financial crisis? within 3-5 years I believe 20%-30% of homes will foreclose or be on the market. Sure we could’ve “timed” better in retrospect, but that’s always a fools errand. Look at the Government shutdown we had a year or two ago. If you are jumping into real estate for a short term investment or to flip, it can be risky. Given property prices are a function of rental income multiples, a real estate buyer should be looking to buy at similar pricing discounts from peak rental periods. If your property loses 20% of its value, however, this means you’ve lost 100% of your 20% downpayment. The financial institutions are not in the same position they were in 2008. Which areas I should focus to buy property with 0 vacant rate and low crime ?? What are your thoughts on buying in Austin in 2019? This price performance is similar to San Francisco’s. As we roll into September, the bay area August sales data continue last month's trend ... Real Estate; Newsletter; San Francisco Bay Area Market October 2020 Update; San Francisco Bay Area Market October 2020 Update. I understand the prediction could just be a formula they have and you’re doing a much deeper analysis, but shouldn’t the home appreciation be aligned? By NBC Bay Area staff and Bay City News • Published January 2, 2020 • Updated on January 3, 2020 at 9:25 pm NBCUniversal, Inc. Good news for anyone hoping to a buy a home in the Bay Area … They knew that most of it could not even be explained, much less understood. But that doesn’t stop the left. The banks also invented an insurance product to cover their downside, which they also traded as a stock. Over the last three months, the housing market has changed so rapidly that we began to look at the data on a weekly basis rather than a month monthly basis (as is typical) to illustrate how significantly the market has changed over a shorter timeline. Over the last three months, the housing market has changed so rapidly that we began to look at the data on a weekly basis rather than a month monthly basis (as is typical) to illustrate how significantly the market has changed over a shorter timeline. This year everything is different. We’ve rebounded in 2019 as rates have collapsed and people are getting liquid from the tech IPOs starting in 4Q2019. The bay area real estate market softened by about 10% in 2018. Although I don’t think we will see a drop like the one preceded the 2008 recession, it makes sense that if people are not buying then prices have to drop. So at the current rate, it’ll be worth $305,000 in a year and $320,000 by 2022. Until then hold tight as much as you can. To kick-off 2020, Patrick Kallerman, Research Director of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, gave a 2020 economic forecast titled: “Will the Party Ever Stop?” to a very engaged audience of real estate leaders. In this post, we present the top 5 California housing market forecasts 2020 from … The Zillow survey of economists and real estate professionals found about 6 in 10 expected Bay Area home values to grow slower than the anticipated 2.8 percent national rate. One economic downturn and those million dollar studio apartment sized three bedrooms in Silicon Valley are going to lose half their value. There is a lot of speculation as to whether the housing market will crash. Your property taxes alone cost $17,000 – $20,000 a month, depending which state you reside. They’ve only become more insane. I was planning on buying some more rental properties for investment until this coronavirus hit. No need to freak out if you paid cash for your condo and can sell it for a profit. Economists and other real estate experts surveyed by Zillow on their 2020 outlook for 25 of the largest housing markets expect the Bay Area to have the worst housing market in the country. They wouldn’t a-done it in the first place if they weren’t forced to make these stupid, worthless loans. In this scenario, you’ll also probably still be fine – if you don’t have to sell. My husband and I bought a large home 8/18 in Fresno area to move my aging parents in. Seattle crashed hard in 2008/2009. The San Jose, CA housing market is very competitive, scoring 88 out of 100. Once that bubble burst, the dam broke, and everything fell to the wayside — and that’s when the ruling class got into business and said, ‘We need these bailouts here. The housing boom that began in January 1996 ended in March 2006. It’s not POTUS’s fault that a 3bedroom 2 bath on 3,500 square feet plot of land in Long Island sells for 700k. Stay a way unless you enjoy steel toe boots in your asses and slavery! Fed backed-up economy and housing market bubble can take so much air before it burst. Of course they couldn’t pay the utilities. when compared to October 2019. 's "2020 California Housing Market Forecast" sees a small uptick in existing single-family home sales of 0.8 percent next year to reach 393,500 units, up … You are not buying at the high. It comes down to simple economic supply and demand principles. Tons of oppurtunities here. I mean, there are SO MANY millenials (Gen Xers who can already bought homes for families long ago) with 4 million dollars 5-10 years from now! My advice to millennials and (I teach our very young child) is.. to buy real estate as soon as you can. It’s a seller’s market in Jacksonville Florida, there are multiple offers on listings, listings selling in days some in less than a day. It doesn’t really matter when you buy if you are looking over the long term, it just matters that you can get in the game. They increased by, , when comparing September 2020 to October 2020 and went up by, The median cost for a single family home was, homes in October 2020, signaling an increase of. You can read about this in: The Creature from Jeykell Island- A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by Griffin….and in Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins. We love our guns, country music, and kicking west coast and yankee ass! Thinking interest rates are low and fear of price increase of houses. Wise buyers do not buy any property at this overpriced market! However, I would rather lose 2-4% in inflation then lose 8-15% by paying for a property before it starts decline in value. imo? Liquidity (Profitability) Concerns: A growing percentage of people are not paying their mortgages and banks are uncertain if and when payments will resume. I remember partying there when it was fun years back. Even if the market drops. 1. You have a point to wait for 1-2 years. Sound Off: What are your predictions for the Bay Area's real estate market in 2020? We’ve rebounded in 2019 as rates have collapsed and people are getting liquid from the tech IPOs starting in 4Q2019. Prices plummeted far below comparable cities like Vancouver, BC and San Francisco. I’m in the Bay Area and my husband and I are weighing our options about buying our first house right now. Housing prices have skyrocketed in many parts of the state. Shouldn’t she be happy if the housing market is slowing and you want to upgrade? What a moron. Is it any wonder that real estate investors never have any problems finding motivate sellers? At the same time, rents have become unaffordable. It was only principal that was being retired, and these loans were then sold. Your logic about real estate in general and your knowledge of the market in the Bay Area seems spot on! The average San Jose house price was $1.1M last month, up 16.5% since last year. Don’t forget that banks are nearly giving away the money to buy these expensive homes at very little cost. For the last year, I have seen people chasing the high market of 2017-2018 and it’s not happening anymore. The company, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) feels that “everyone should own a home by 2020”. Housing prices appear to have doubled since 2010 +/-. Its Grey here as much or more than Seattle. We lost nearly everything we had in 2008 and have just now recovered to a point where we can buy again. What do you think about the Jacksonville FL market? If you read the US history, then its clear how the Fed Reserve act was created with the sole purpose of self regulating themselves without any oversight in the congress. Fill out my form here: Home Valuation. Got a thank you for your interest response from the Seller today… “be happy, you came in the top 5 out of 17 offers.” HUH? Prices are high there and we worry about getting a good price for our current home. Not sure the prices go down as long as interest rates are down. In fact, loans were structured with no down payment. I would more than likely be approved with tight budget. We have outgrown way over my 2 bedroom condo. October was an exciting month for Bay Area real estate buyers and sellers – despite an ongoing pandemic. 2 million dollars. Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it! WTF?! Just know that prices tend to revert back to the mean or overshoot on the downside very 4 – 10 years. Here’s the most telling data point from the C.A.R. Yet it was happening. Latest on Bay Area Housing Market: Sale Prices Jump, Rents Fall During Pandemic By Scott Budman • Published August 3, 2020 • Updated on August 4, 2020 at 11:21 am NBC Universal, Inc. Now, one factor that DOES make buying difficult for local/US buyers is that there is still a number of wealthy foreign cash buyers looking for real estate investments, especially from China, the middle east and south/central Americas. I’m seeing a lot of “aspirational pricing” and sellers don’t want to budge. Angela, Well said. That’s the foundation of this so-called meltdown. Housing Market Update for the Greater Bay Area. A lot of the properties on the market were people who…. With Personal Capital, you can track your cash flow, x-ray your investments for excessive fees, and make sure your retirement plans are on track. Due to increased median home prices, housing affordability declined year-over-year in most Bay Area Counties in Q3 2020, though San Francisco and Sonoma Counties saw very small gains. look at sales figures for last 8 quarters- it shifted from seller to buyer late 2018/early 2019, with values slumping about 10-20% from their peak in lat 2017. Should I just try to wait it out and hope sales prices start coming down? I suspect we will see a widening division of haves and have-nots and true middle class not to be restored. Lots of sellers are putting serious junk on the market that they have been unable to sell in the past and selling it now. Then by 2H2019, the housing market strengthened due to low rates and a strong stock market. It’s free to sign up and explore. 2) For more stable investment returns and potential outperformance of volatile stocks, take a look at Fundrise, a top real estate crowdfunding platform for non-accredited investors. What do you think of the housing market in las vegas,should I buy now or keep renting. Kallerman shared some data regarding the Bay Area’s strong economy: Bay Area’s dropping rents will reshape housing market J.K. Dineen June 9, 2020 Updated: June 17, 2020 8:38 a.m. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest Californias economy grew 4.7% in the 12 months ended in February compared to the national rate of 2.8%. But I’m 6 months into a mortgage now and things have been mostly flat. I would be inclined to agree with you based on past experiences. As a real estate investor, your goal is to invest in markets that have both underperformed and have the potential to catch up. It was a giant, 100% scam. However, you lose your job and everything changes. You are trying to blame the massive fraud and resulting fallout of the Secondary Mortgage and Subprime mortgage market on Mexicans and Democrats, when it was Wall Street greed unchecked! Here’s what’s going on in the mortgage industry, which is as stringent as it has ever been. My location is Boston, MA. I want to buy a multi family and I am waiting to see what the market does. E upfront. Some lower priced homes have gone on the market and are listed as “pending sale” within a day or so. These people who are creative on Wall Street had to come up with ways to make these worthless mortgages worth something, so they created all this stuff. My living costs (mortgage, taxes, ins, hoa) would be about $1200 more -OR- should I continue renting and buy another investment home? So any advice? Stay out of debt and don’t get caught in their web like an ant being preyed upon by a deadly spider. Smart people better sell now while they’re still suckers out there. And a handful of people I’ve talked to there ALL want to buy property and diversify their net worth. in October 2020 as compared to September 2020. The dude caught with the 2 million dollar mortgage should take his 1 million dollar share and catch a fast flight to Thailand, or move to Portugal and live like a king with an eastern european import that he doesn’t marry. Buy a house to enjoy life instead of looking to make a profit. Everyone is unemployed, the unemployment numbers are fake, and low interest rates wont mattervto people unemployed because they wont be buying a home. The fraud of the us empire is finally showing after 400yrs of hustling, huckstering, and endless delusional optimism whilst ruthlessly exploiting others. Complete fear mongering, just like CNBC in late 2008 early 2009. Below is a great chart that shows how badly housing prices corrected in some of our major cities. Are we experiencing a turnabout in the basic assumptions that we have held for the last hundred years or so? SF is a BORE. In the San Francisco Bay Area where I practice real estate, we have over a 67% increase in sales activities (2348 vs 1407 closed sales) over five counties in June 2020 compared to May 2020… Let’s just say, the fear is real for us, but clearly, so is the desire to finally own a home. So what did the Federal Reserve do? You get to pay less for your upgrade whoo hoo! You need to try and buy at a price that is at least 5% lower than the previous comparable sale price. But I expect Spring 2020 to be strong again given the tech IPO lockup periods are starting in Nov 2019 from Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, etc. The Bay Area Real Estate Market Will Not Crash. I bought my primary residence and all my investment properties during such times and have made out wonderfully. HA! Economists see little break in the feverish Bay Area residential real estate market coming in 2020. We both have high paying jobs and a 20% down payment for $1.75M house and great credit, but now worry that we are headed for another big recession. A lot of investors made a lot of money on bitcoin, huh? Sounds like you’re emotions are guiding you to ‘finally own a home’ you are forgetting one thing…..A home owns you…….. I’m trying to find data that supports your thoughts about home prices dropping. Seasonal hunting is delusional, the prices of housing right now is crazy. We were fortunate enough to save about $300k prior to our first child and want to live in the bay area outside of the city in a good school district with a doable commute (parts of Marin, Orinda/Lafayette, etc.). A story heard time and time again, bought because they were making good money but then job loss, medical bills, Illness, divorce, and whatever else and the house is sold for pennies on the dollar and the investors with cash to buy rake in the gold for nothing. But yet here we are at the end of 2020 and no crash. Cash will be king. I’m afraid I have to agree with you mike. The US median existing home price is about 12% higher than its previous peak, which is a modest rise since over 10 years have passed. Any thoughts on this market? I think so. For example for Chico, Zillow says: “Chico home values have gone up 13.6% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 8.4% within the next year”. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Step outside the box for a minute and look in from the outside wow. Wait just a little longer because in 2020 the market will take a dip and you will buy your homes for the right price and value! If people were not biting before they certainly won’t be now. I’m guessing you sell real estate because everyone in that field says those exact words. 3) If you have dependents and/or debt, it’s good to get term life insurance to protect your loved ones. As Denver keeps turning into the next silicon valley, more people are moving here for the great work-life balance. How often do you see fed lower interest rate while economy seems just fine? Because I have a plan to move out from New York to other state next year or following year . So, we get tax payer subsided interest rates though quasi government lenders. As for the nation’s worst real estate market in 2020? Notice how the previous boom lasted 10 years and the crash lasted 5 years.

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