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Our Story


Our Values

Luxco embraces three core values to guide us in our mission and keep us on the right path: Integrity, Respect, and Commitment.

Our Mission

Luxco is a consumer products company mindful of the past, yet focused on the future. Our mission is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our consumers, associates and business partners through optimized resources, incomparable service and an innovative brand portfolio.

Work hard. Serve our customers. Have fun. Do the right thing.

We’ve become one of the nation’s leading beverage alcohol companies by focusing on four key pillars.

Work Hard. We research and anticipate the trends in our ever-changing industry. We invest in our infrastructure so we can respond swiftly to urgent requests or shifting needs. We meet with our agents, distributors and retailers to create ambitious, strategic goals for our brands. And we do all of that without sacrificing quality. That’s a demanding path, but at Luxco, it’s the only route worth taking.

Serve our Customers. The personal ties we make with our customers are paramount to our mission, and our focus on one-on-one attention and support has rewarded us with many enduring partnerships.

Have Fun. Our passion in what we do resonates in the care we give our products, consumers, and business partners. Feel free to share ideas, ask questions, issue challenges … there’s no bureaucracy throwing up roadblocks. It’s just us, working together – and having fun in the process.

Do the Right Thing. Even as we grow and evolve, we stay true to our founding principle: people do business with people, not companies. Each member of our team embodies the integrity, respect and commitment that differentiate Luxco from the competition.


We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Honor means everything at Luxco.


We hold those around us in the highest regard, treating others as trusted, essential members of our team.


We are dedicated to working hard, having fun, and supporting our company and colleagues – always.