Everyday it seems like we are hearing about a new craft spirit hitting the market to satisfy the demand for local, artisanal spirits, or hearing about a local bar infusing vodka with their own select ingredients to create their specialty cocktail. That movement is not only happening on retail shelves and at your local bar – it’s happening in homes all across the nation!

Today, many consumers are making their own spirits, confined only by the imagination of the person making them. These spirits are inventing an entirely new cocktail culture – the craft cocktail – and the base for this craft movement is the one and only Everclear®!

Everclear® is the perfect (and sometimes only) choice for aspiring infusers because of two important qualities: its high proof is very effective in drawing out the flavors and botanicals from the different ingredients, and the grain alcohol leaves an ultra-pure and clean base for infusions compared to other wheat, potato and grain-based spirits.

Everclear® is tapping into this powerful movement and, since we are the original craft spirit, we are launching our “Make It Your Own” campaign. The campaign is geared at a movement that is already happening with Everclear®, we are just creating more awareness around it. The campaign is centered around a new website and Facebook page that inspires creativity with downloadable recipes, mixology videos, entertaining supplies, conversation chats and, of course, recipes to make your own infusions. It will be supported with digital advertising and POS as well. This unique campaign is not necessarily about Everclear®, per se, but about helping consumers uncover a passion for creating their own, unique cocktail that both inspire and impress!

So, please jump on the infusion bandwagon and check out www.MakeItYourOwn.com.

Get ready to be inspired!