What a year it has been for Luxco! Here are some by-the-numbers highlights:

Explosive Growth
Rebel Yell  Up 40% R12 vs. LY 
Exotico Up 167% R12 vs. LY
El Mayor Up 30% R12 vs. LY
*Source: Diver R12 
(TY vs LY case through Nov. 2015)

1 Billion+ 
Total public relations impressions

125 million
Media impressions

Person increase in Facebook fans

14 new items: 
Rebel Yell American Whiskey and SmallBatch Rye; Pearl Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Basil, Lime Basil, Chocolate Hazelnut  and Pumpkin Spice; Yellowstone Limited  Edition; Saint Brendan’s Salted Caramel  and Peppermint Bark; Lady Bligh Butter Rum; Salvador’s Paloma and Blood Oath Pact No. 1. 

28 awards: 
El Mayor Tequila 
9 International World Spirits Competition, SIP and China Wine & Spirits. 
Pearl Vodka
5 San Fransisco World Spirits and SIP.

14 Whiskey Brand Medals:
San Fransisco World Spirits, American Whiskey Masters, China Wine & Spirits for Rebel Yell, Ezra Brooks, Lord Calvert, The Quiet Man and David Nicholson 1843. 

8 Brand Refreshes: 
Yellowstone, Saint Brendan’s, Pearl, Rebel Yell, El Mayor, Lord Calvert and David Nicholson 1843 

Ambassador Program: 
Indy/Denver – 14,000 cocktails sold; 9,000 samples distributed; 3,500 consumer engagements; 122 total activations• 

St. Brendans Emerald Isle Escape: 
1.7 million page views; 408,000 entries; 28,000 registrants (average registrant entered more than 14 times) 

El Mayor Barrel Program
Incremental cases sold; 34 barrels sold.

Tequila Ambassador Program 
5000 Impressions
162 new points of distribution
12 community events
1,500 incremental cases; 34 barrels sold.