As the Luxco family of brands continues its rapid expansion – both in terms of sales volume and in the number of new variants within our portfolio – the key role of the marketing department is to present our brands in a way that engages consumers and then encourages purchase.

Given the rapid growth in the whiskey category, our customers can become overwhelmed due to so much choice in the marketplace. Therefore, it’s more important than ever for our brands to stand out.

The marketing team is achieving greater brand visibility in two key ways:

  • Energizing our own internal teams
  • Engaging and educating our customers and consumers

In August we debuted the first episode of “Off the Still” – one of our most exciting and ambitious marketing programs to date. Designed as a fast-paced, visually exciting video newsletter, “Off the Still” highlights key activities at Luxco, including new releases, how we’re addressing industry trends and even seasonally relevant cocktail recipes our key accounts can implement.

The monthly, 15-minute format has been welcomed by all Luxco team members and sales partners. Additionally, the stories stand out among the daily barrage of emails and other content our teams receive.

Segments from “Off the Still” can be shared with key accounts to help bring key Luxco initiatives to life when engaging on- and off-premise accounts.

Which leads me to engaging and educating our customers and the end consumer.

The arrival of Penelope™ Bourbon to the Luxco family brought one of the best-selling and most-prolific bourbon brands into the fold. It also brought with it a well-organized and creatively executed sampling program led by Matt Ward, Managing Director of the Sales Enablement Business Unit, and his team. Matt has taken on the task of integrating this program into Luxco’s top-six focus brands. The program will roll-out completely in 2024, but early efforts in 2023 already have shown results.

With tools to energize our internal teams and engage and activate our customers, we are excited about the possibilities in 2024 and beyond!

Luxco marketing and sales teams welcome these new tools to leverage evolving consumer tastes and build ever-more-loyal brand fans.