Luxco is evolving with the consumer. Demand for higher-end spirits drives our focus on premium and premium-plus brands. You’ve seen this with recent innovation – the addition of a new variant in the Ezra Brooks family, Ezra Brooks 99; the limited-edition tequila El Mayor Extra Añejo Limited Edition and the latest Yellowstone variant American Single Malt – to name a few. Add the planned acquisition of the Penelope family of premium-plus whiskeys as another example.

With a growing, exciting brands portfolio in place, the Luxco sales team, together with Luxco marketing, is committed to supporting key accounts and distributors by engaging consumers, driving trial, and ultimately sales. For example, we have experienced an unprecedented increase in brand-activation efforts so far in 2023 through sponsorship of major sports teams and leagues, presence at key events and festivals, direct outreach by our Master Distillers and by supporting charitable causes that resonate with consumers.

With our event-sponsorship efforts, we are looking at partnerships that pull from a similar consumer base that we feel will be drawn to our products. The charitable causes our brands have chosen to support reflect our desire, corporately, to give back in meaningful ways in areas closely related to our products and how they are made. They also happen to be causes consumers care about.

These engagement activities are critical to our brands and overall sales growth, as they provide the necessary consumer connections at retail in key ways:

  • Building consumer awareness
  • Educating the consumer
  • Creating affinity with the consumer

Engagement activities are an essential part of the sales cycle with our target consumer. We create and build awareness through advertising and event marketing, and we educate and create affinity through charitable efforts and Master Distiller/Distillery Ambassador consumer events. This all builds upon the continued efforts at retail – including point-of-sale materials, product displays and samplings – to complete the circle and grow our premium and premium-plus brands.