With bourbon projected to remain one the fastest growing liquor categories for years to come, the timing was perfect to give the Ezra Brooks® family a packaging update. The package update brings this bourbon’s adventurous spirit to life by offering a crafted look and feel that justifies the genuine sour mash bourbon and the fine ingredients it’s made with. As the bourbon that has always been the chosen whiskey for those with a rugged spirit and a taste for adventure, Ezra Brooks® brings new packaging to the table that reflects the values for which it stands. New labels and corked bottles with matte-finish closures will provide the Ezra Brooks® brand with the upscale look it deserves.

In addition to the updated craft look of the Ezra Brooks
® family, a new flavor has been added to the lineup as well, Ezra Brooks® Bourbon Cream. Set to hit the market near the winter holiday season, Ezra Brooks® Bourbon Cream perfectly marries natural cream and bourbon whiskey for a rich, creamy flavor that is the perfect choice for the colder months of the year.

To further support the launch of the Ezra Brooks
® packaging update and the all new Bourbon Cream, new point-of-sale materials have also been created to highlight the new brand look. Ezra Brooks® Bourbon Cream’s new POS materials even include recipe recommendations to help entice the taste buds of curious shoppers. A brand new website will also support the Ezra Brooks® package update, complementing its crafted feel with imagery that aligns with the brands identity, and telling a brand story in a way that will make visitors glad they stopped by.

For generations past, and generations to come, Ezra Brooks
® bourbon will always be the whiskey for those with a rugged spirit and taste for adventure. See the new and improved www.ezrabrooks.com.