Following a packaging update in 2014, there is a renewed energy around Exotico® tequila, and that energy is evident in the numbers. Having experienced triple-digit growth year over year, Exotico® has been chosen as a focus brand for Luxco in 2016, which will increase its case volume by almost 200% compared to last year. Having narrowed the brand’s market focus for a more measurable impact, Exotico® has chosen Chicago, Denver, and Dallas as its key markets for 2016.

This year’s campaign began with a new creative approach. Holding a design contest between artists of varying styles, Exotico
® had several top artists develop their own interpretation of the brand. The resulting creative direction is beautiful and disruptive, adding a new twist to the colorful sugar skull represented on every bottle of Exotico®. Exotico®’s website received an update to deploy the new creative look and feel of the brand as well, which includes updated recipe photography and a downloadable drink guide. Having also launched Instagram and Snapchat accounts, Exotico® is filling social media with attractive branded photography and video content, generating awareness and engaging the consumer through new platforms.

Additionally, Exotico
® will be conducting a large-scale experiential sampling program, which aims to sample over 50,000 consumers throughout the summer. Strategic placement of radio ads around key holidays will have Exotico® on live radio 40-50 days this summer in an effort to associate Exotico® tequila with summer fun and adventure. Exotico® has secured nearly 100 advertising spaces on Chicago’s famous “L” train line, which is expected to generate approximately 175 million impressions throughout the summer months. Consumers in the Denver area will be introduced to Exotico® by billboards along major highways entering and exiting the city, and posters spanning interior roadways around downtown Denver.

This year has already proven successful for Exotico
® in the judge’s eyes, with Exotico® Reposado having earned a 2016 San Francisco World Spirit Competition Gold, and Exotico® Blanco having earned a 2016 San Francisco World Spirit Competition Double Gold. A brand new neck tag will put these awards on the front of every bottle to showcase the success Reposado and Blanco had in San Francisco’s prestigious competition. With so many big things happening for Exotico® in 2016, it goes without question that Exotico truly has become “The Unbound Spirit.”