Summertime, and the livin’s easy. As I write, the Fourth of July is fast-approaching and many of you are planning to observe the holiday outdoors. Whether at the lake, park or hanging out in your own backyard, it’s time to kick back and enjoy a cold drink (your favorite Luxco brand, of course!), some great music, and time with your favorite people.

Your friends and neighbors are likely in the same mode, ready to experience all summer has to offer. Baseball. Swimming. Auto racing. Events like the Thomas Rhett “Home Team Tour 23” sponsored by Dos Primos or a PLL (Premier Lacrosse League) game brought to you by Rebel. Or the Evolution Festival – featuring Music, Bourbon and BBQ – taking place Aug. 26-27 in St. Louis’ Forest Park, for which Ezra Brooks is the official Bourbon.

Event sponsorships and cause marketing play an important role in raising brand awareness and ultimately boosting sales of our spirits. You can read more in this newsletter about a few of these 2023 programs.

While consumers are packing festivals and sporting events into their schedules, our Luxco teams are hard at work producing and delivering quality spirits to customers across the U.S. and abroad. They have an eye  on tomorrow, as well. Companywide planning for 2024 has been under way for months to prepare for a strong start in the new year.

We believe that the future of our business is in premium and premium-plus spirits, and continue to refine our portfolio towards this higher-priced tier. With this strategy in place, it was a logical step to add the premium-plus Penelope Bourbon brand to our whiskey portfolio. Penelope, an MGP customer since the brand launched in 2018, is an award-winning favorite in the premium-plus market. We’ll share more in the coming weeks about plans for our newest brand, but for now, we want to welcome the Penelope family.

Great things are on the horizon, thanks to all of you. After 25 years with Luxco, I remain excited and energized about where we are going together. Keep up the great work.