LBD Launches Bowling & Burch New World Gin

You may know Steve Beam’s family name for their long history in the spirits industry. But Limestone Branch Distillery’s Head Distiller’s family lineage also includes pioneer farmers – the Bowling and Burch families – who have a long history in the agriculture business.

Steve himself has a background in horticulture, having graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Landscape Architecture and serving as the Chair of the Horticulture Committee of Miami Beach Botanical Garden for a few years before coming back to distilling. Steve’s twin passions for distilling and horticulture have led to the creation of a new gin, homegrown with passion – Bowling & Burch Gin.

Bowling & Burch is distilled and bottled at Limestone Branch Distillery™ and includes botanicals grown onsite.

The gin, bottled at 96 proof, includes 17 botanicals and is packaged in an unique and artful screen-printed apothecary style 750mL bottle. Steve also used a custom still fabrication in order to capture the most delicate essence of the botanicals.

“With my background in horticulture, I wanted to experiment with botanicals grown here locally and create something truly special. The beautiful bottle really represents how distinctive the gin is and showcases the botanicals used to create this balanced flavor profile,” says Steve.

Super-premium gin is the second fastest growing spirit overall and, in the past few years, gin has increased its popularity in cocktails, making it a great time to launch this product. While the gin made its first appearance this year at Portland Cocktail Week, it will be launching in early 2020 in a few key markets. Bowling & Burch will be available at high-end craft cocktail bars, boutique hotels, fine dining establishments, and speakeasies.

2020 will be an exciting year at Limestone Branch Distillery!

Yellowstone® Continues to Support America’s National Parks

This fall Steve Beam, Head Distiller at Limestone Branch Distillery™, participated in a service project with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) as part of Limestone Branch Distillery’s ongoing support of the organization.

Steve flew to Montana, where he was joined by a dozen volunteers to help remove more than 2,000 miles of barbed wire fencing that inhibits pronghorn antelope migration in the Greater Yellowstone Park ecosystem. For centuries, Yellowstone pronghorn have migrated from their summer habitat inside Yellowstone Park to critical wintering grounds north of the park. Unfortunately, development and increased fencing along the migration route have impacted the survival of this iconic herd, as they do not jump fences but instead pass underneath. Through its program, the NPCA works to re-establish the winter migration route and habitat for these impressive animals, allowing the species to thrive again.

While the day started with misting rain, the beautiful scenery and sightings of elk herds moving about were breathtaking. After hours of hard work in the great outdoors, Steve hosted a happy hour for more than 25 people, where everyone was able to relax and enjoy some Yellowstone® Kentucky Straight Bourbon!

LBD Wins Readers’ Choice Awards

Limestone Branch Distillery™ ranked third in the 2019 USA TODAY 10 Best Readers’ Choice travel award contest for Best Craft Whiskey Distillery. Limestone Branch was the only Kentucky distillery to be nominated for this award in 2019. Nominations for each category are made by a panel of relevant experts, including editors from USA TODAY, editors from and other contributors. The public was allowed to vote for their favorite once a day for four weeks.

“We are thrilled to have been nominated for this award and proud to have been chosen by the public as one of the top three craft whiskey distilleries,” says Steve Beam, Head Distiller at Limestone Branch Distillery. “This award supports what we already know – we are a small distillery with a lot of heart and history, as well as passion for the art of making fine whiskey.”