This year, Luxco’s whiskey portfolio will be participating in four WhiskyFest events. After our involvement in the first two activations, our products are standing out amongst a sea of whiskies.

In March, we participated in WhiskyFest DC, and in April, we had a strong presence at WhiskyFest Chicago. Showcasing brands such as Blood Oath®, Rebel Yell®, Yellowstone®, Minor Case®, Ezra Brooks®, and The Quiet Man®, we are able to represent a wide variety of high-end whiskey products. With a new Lux Row Distillers™ buildout, as well as The Quiet Man and Limestone Branch Distillery booths, our 30′ x 30′ footprint was hard to miss.

Each booth brought a different experience for consumers. Lux Row Distillers™ focused on the history as well as the future of the Luxco whiskey portfolio, Limestone Branch Distillery offered a taste of craft bourbon and the Beam family history, and The Quiet Man brought authentic Irish whiskey to this side of the pond.

As consumers visited our booths, they were able to engage on a personal level with the creators of each whiskey and learn more about the products and their flavor profiles. Ciaran Mulgrew, John Rempe, and Steve Beam (pictured in order below) met with consumers and industry folks alike on the brands they have created – and of course, shared samples of the whiskey.

Sampling was a hit, and we nearly doubled the amount of samples passed out from the DC event to the Chicago event. With two successful WhiskyFest events in the books, we look forward to sharing our fine whiskies in San Francisco in October and New York in November.