Luxco’s family of branded spirits continued to expand in 2023 – particularly in new whiskey expressions. Lux Row Distillers™ Master Distiller John Rempe, Limestone Branch Distillery™ Master Distiller Stephen Beam and Ross & Squibb Distillery™ Master Distiller an Stirsman all released innovations within their respective brand families. Additionally, Michael Paladini, Danny Polise and the Penelope™ Bourbon team released a steady stream of new, innovative whiskeys. Following are some of the variants that made their debut in the past six months:

Yellowstone 2023 Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey®
This Yellowstone Limited-Edition installment features a blend of 7-year, 13-year and 16-year bourbons, finished in Tokaji casks and bottled at 101 proof. Tasting notes include aromas of honey, green grapes and cinnamon; flavors of dry spice, caramel, dark cherry, citrus and white pepper; and a finish of dry tobacco, honeysuckle and smoky oak.

Penelope™ Toasted Rye Whiskey
This 5-year-old straight rye whiskey features a 100% rye mash bill, finished in #1 char new American oak barrels and offered at 100 proof. Tasting notes include aromas of vanilla and spicy caramel; flavors of smoked marshmallow, butterscotch and mint; and a long, savory finish with a subtle spice note.

Lux Row Four Grain Double Single Barrel Bourbon®
This innovation combines a single barrel of 4-year-old wheated bourbon and a single barrel of 4-year-old ryed bourbon, offered at 115 proof. Tasting notes include hints of caramel and vanilla and a smooth, mellow oak finish with hints of caramel and citrus.

Remus® Highest Rye Bourbon
With a mash bill comprising 51% corn, 39% rye and 10% malted rye, this 6-year-old bourbon features the highest amount of rye a bourbon can offer, paying tribute to rye’s popularity leading into Prohibition. 109 proof. Tasting notes include aromas of rich fruit and maple; robust, candied-fruit flavors and a lingering finish highlighted by notes of spicy cinnamon and saddle leather.

Remus Repeal Reserve Series VII Straight Bourbon Whiskey®
The latest Remus Repeal Reserve installment comprises five 9-16-yearold bourbons bottled at 100 proof. Tasting notes include aromas of caramelized pecans, candied cherry and maple syrup; flavors of caramel, maple and candied raisin with hints of candied cherry, barrel char and cinnamon; and a finish of cinnamon and peppermint spice, with notes of vanilla, caramel and oak.

Remus Gatsby Reserve®
This second installment in the Remus Gatsby Reserve series contains some of Ross & Squibb Distillery’s finest 15-year-old reserves in two separate mash bills, offered at cask strength (98.1 proof). Tasting notes include aromas of caramel, candied dark fruit and saddle leather; flavors of caramel, oak, dark fruit syrup, candied raisins, char and brown sugar; and a lingering finish with notes of saddle leather, cherry and oak.

Penelope™ Private Select
This blend of 9- and 10-year-old bourbons features three different mash bills and is offered at 109 proof. Tasting notes include aromas of caramel, vanilla and  tobacco; flavors of marshmallow and caramel with oak and black pepper; and a long savory finish with notes of vanilla cream and honey.

Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Toasted Staves®
This release starts with Yellowstone’s traditional bourbon mash bill, which is stave finished using a combination of five different staves and offered at 100 proof. Tasting notes include aromas of toasted caramel and vanilla with hints of fall spices and cinnamon; flavors of walnut, toffee, black tea and white pepper; and a crisp finish highlighted by cocoa, tobacco and oak.

Penelope™ Valencia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This four-grain straight bourbon whiskey is finished 12 months in Vino Naranja casks from Seville, Spain, and offered at 95 proof. Tasting Notes include aromas of bold spice and coffee cake with orange glaze; flavors of citrus zest, mandarin and hints of vanilla and baking spice; and a long, savory finish with hints of orange peel and black pepper.

Penelope™ Rosé Cask Finish This four-grain straight bourbon whiskey is finished four months in Grenache Rosé wine casks from Southern France and offered at 94 proof. Tasting notes include aromas of candied fruit and cream; flavors of sweet vanilla and cream with hints of strawberry; and a finish of rich leather with floral and botanical notes.

Penelope™ American Light Whiskey 15 Years Old
The second edition in the Founders Reserve series highlights a collection of American Light Whiskey barrels distilled from corn. With a mash bill of 99% corn and 1% malted barley, this expression is bottled at cask strength. Offered at 128.4 proof. This spirit has a rich and savory vanilla finish with lingering notes of brown sugar.