Congratulations to Theresa Koester on her 35 years of service! What a great accomplishment and something she should be VERY proud of. Theresa’s dedication to her work is impressive to witness and I look forward to many more years of having her as part of our team.

In the last newsletter I announced a GoFundMe page in memory of Sara Downard. THANK YOU to all of you
that donated. We raised nearly $2,000 (and I will match that), giving us $4,000 with which to build a memorial for her near her home in Lake of the Ozarks. I am working with her mother, Judy, on the logistics and will keep everyone updated.

David recently announced our purchase of Brady’s Irish Cream, Boru Vodka and Celtic Honey liqueur. These brands are a welcomed addition to our production facility, Niche Brands, in Northern Ireland and will complement the Luxco sales portfolio nicely. Additionally, the brands provide great opportunity and growth for Luxco.

Normally in the Q3 newsletter I talk about the family days we annually hold with the Luxco team in St. Louis, Cleveland and Kentucky. It is disappointing that we were not able to hold these gatherings in 2020, but we hope to continue to do so in the years to come. The COVID era has certainly posed challenges across many areas of our business, but, not surprisingly, whatever the challenge, we have met it as a group and worked through it together.

Speaking of COVID, I want to thank everyone for your attention to the protocols David and the team established. We have been able to successfully and safely keep our production facilities operational through this difficult time. While we were forced to shut down the corporate office, we haven’t missed a beat. Let’s continue to go that “extra mile” to keep us all safe and working!

Throughout this newsletter you will read about the various awards, accolades, packaging changes and social media buzz surrounding our brands and companies. This is all very exciting for me to witness and none of it happens without your collective efforts.

Let’s keep it all rollin’ and Let’s Go Luxco!