The Paul A. Lux award was created five years ago to honor the spirit and memory of Donn’s father and founder of Luxco/DSC, Paul A. Lux. This significant honor is, historically, awarded to an employee that truly embodies the spirit and values of which the company was founded — integrity, dedication and commitment. The award carries with it a deep and profound respect and admiration.

Luxco prides itself on a rich and passionate culture, which is embraced whole-heartedly and put into practice by each member of the Luxco family. Luxco’s success and culture have been built by the work of many, and that is why, in 2013, Donn awarded the Paul A. Lux award to the entire Luxco family, recognizing the power of the collective Luxco spirit rather than an individual contributor. The entire team met the unique challenges set before them in 2013 — rising to the occasion, digging deep and delivering results.

Congratulations, and a big THANK YOU goes out to the entire Luxco family!