January marked the beginning of a new era for the Rebel Yell brand as it was formally launched in the United Kingdom by premium independent distributor, Cellar Trends. A family-owned business, Cellar Trends is a distributor that builds premium brands and focuses on delivering high-quality drinking experiences to even the most discerning of connoisseurs. Their portfolio boasts some of the most famous brands in the world and is growing constantly. John Rempe (Luxco’s Director of Corporate Research and Development) presented an educational component at the Rebel Yell International launch event, appropriately titled “Bourbon 101.” There were also bourbon and Rebel Yell marketing presentations delivered at the launch event to ensure attendees got as much education on the brand and the market as possible.

Rebel Yell was also launched in January at Zofin Palace in Prague, Czech Republic. Premier Wine and Spirits, a distributor of world class spirits such as Stolichnaya, Glenfiddich, and Hendricks, has taken the reigns for distribution of Rebel Yell in the Czech Republic. Rebel Yell was a feature brand at Premier’s “Gala Tasting,” the largest alcoholic beverage event of its kind in the Czech Republic. 

True to its word, even in the Queen’s land, Rebel Yell “Never Goes Quietly.”