St. Patrick’s day offers an opportunity to boost on- and off-premise placements for our Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream.

This year, Luxco Marketing is offering a program to help you sell-in more cases and increase off-premise placement.  Program items include;  fun branded items targeted for on-premise distribution and impactful case cards and shelf talkers for off-premise.

See this Sales PPT for more information.  Also attached is the order form for off-premise items.

Key Dates

  • Order Window: January 8th – 14th
  • Delivery Date for items: January 29th – February 5th

Why Participate?

  • Opportunity to generate awareness and excitement for our brand on-premise
    • On-premise push will generate buzz  for our brand and reach consumers who are engaged in our product
    • Retail POS off-premise helps build brand equity at point of purchase
  • Marketing funded program
    • Marketing will support up to $40,000  in  branded program items and retail POS
  • Our money stretches further
    • Ordering in bulk allows us to take advantage of the best pricing possible and increase our quantities

***Please contact Laura Bogart with any comments or questions.

Thanks and happy selling!