For many years, Luxco has actively employed men and women who have served and protected our country in the armed forces. In an effort to meet more qualified ex-servicemen and women to fill openings within our company, we teamed up with military recruiter Bradley Morris, Inc. for a Military Hiring Conference in late 2015. The conference marked Luxco’s first experience at this type of hiring event, but we met some wonderful people and started what we hope will be ongoing, impactful relationships. The round-robin format ensured that every interviewee spoke with representatives from each company, and enabled us to meet a number of promising candidates in a short period of time. The spirit and aptitude of these servicemen and women inspired us to continue expanding our hiring efforts, giving veterans more opportunities to work for Luxco – a company that shares their values of commitment, honor and discipline. 

“Not only does this show respect and thanks to our nation’s many deserving veterans, but it’s also a brilliant plan to hire employees with values, morals, a ‘can do’ attitude, and discipline already instilled in their bones. Luxco really is a great place for me. I love the fast pace, the people, the values, the great conversation and team camaraderie, and the overall environment is just perfect. It’s like a second home!” – Nathan Barnard

“I use my military experience and training here at Luxco because the military gave me my work ethic and dedication to any task at hand. I think every company should hire veterans out of respect for our veterans and for our country.” – Theresa Koster

“Although my military training was different from the field I’m currently in today, there are some similarities. I think Luxco has moved in the right direction to employ our military veterans in the last several years. I like my position here, there is a different challenge every day.” – Mike Stephenson