Who doesn’t love the 80’s? Playing your cassettes on your boom box, popping your favorite VHS tapes in your VCR, rocking some rolled-up jeans – and partying with some Purple Passion!

College students in the 80’s made a delicious drink in metal containers (and often in bathtubs) on campuses nation-wide and Luxco (then David Sherman Corporation) capitalized on this popular concoction to create the iconic Purple Passion! Originally launched in 1986, Purple Passion was a pioneer in the Ready-to-Drink category. Branded with the Everclear name and canned for convenience, it was an immediate success, with sales reaching almost 1 million cases! We are excited to announce the re-launch of this product with a fun, retro feel which is a nod to the brand’s origin.

Through the years, the brand has gone through many transformations, most recently sold as a 26 proof, spirit-based, non-carbonated drink. We’re reviving the original formula of a 10 proof, wine-based, carbonated drink to address growing consumer demand. Consumers are increasingly favoring beverages that are light and flavorful, which fits Purple Passion perfectly. It’s a great refreshing choice for the upcoming summer months!

The product will be bottled at our Meier’s Beverage Group facility in Cincinnati. The suggested retail price for the 4-pack is $7.99.

Time to Rewind with Purple Passion!